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Banking and Finance

Do you need to improve revenues? Can customers differentiate between you and your nearest competitor? Banks moving to an on demand operating model find they need fewer resources to deliver greater value. Spend less time managing the branch. More time building relationships. Less time developing products. More time selling them. With the insight to target the right customer sets. At the right times.

Financial institutions face tremendous operational efficiency and productivity gains if they can utilize processes to enhance collaboration and improve the information flow across internal business units.

Electronic means of storing and transmitting data allow financial institutions to offer information access to customers and partners, driving down costs, increasing profits, and providing a vital competitive edge. The financial industry also has large numbers of mobile knowledge workers, including bankers, traders, brokers and consultants, who need access to key resources and applications. Providing access to key resources and applications that they need from wherever they are is essential, but deploying and maintaining a network-layer VPN is often impractical. Caveo provides the Secure Remote Access solutions you need to meet those demands and realize new opportunities in the ever-changing finance environment.

Use secure remote access to gain a competitive edge

  • Caveo is a recognized expert in designing, deploying and supporting remote access technologies that are of global scale.
  • We can pull everything together to speed deployment-- the host platform installs at the data center in as little as one day. Plus no software or hardware installation is required at the remote location.
  • Build a trusted environment where information can be exchanged securely among bankers, traders, brokers and consultants.
  • Ensure that information is easily accessible to the right people, while maintaining and improving the security of data and assisting you to comply with privacy regulations in the The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
  • Protect your customers confidential financial information

Business Efficiency: More flexibility, less complexity

Caveo's Secure Remote Access solutions provide your employees with a common, unified and simplified point of remote access to enterprise information, applications and expertise.

  • Remote branch managers can monitor high value customers and collaborate with external relationship managers to build highly personalized offers for those at risk of defecting.
  • Institutional traders can supplement news feeds with near realtime advice from remote colleagues to make more informed investment choices.
  • Remote branch tellers can stay abreast of company policies, procedures and special offers and enrich their customer service abilities at night from their home PC's
  • External Claims assessors can provider faster claim turnaround with more accurate assessment when they have direct remote access to the claims management system of the insurer, as well as its policies and procedures manuals.

Risk and Compliance

But before financial companies can realize these benefits, they must balance information access with security and privacy, as mandated by governments and state legislation. This leaves many financial institutions struggling to find an effective way to bridge the gap between competitive efficiency and stringent security.

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