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Today's pharmaceutical industry faces unprecedented demands. Reducing clinical and administrative costs. Meeting tighter compliance and security mandates. Speeding the drug development process. The pharmaceutical industry has had to centralize clinical information while providing remote access to a wide-ranging community of physicians and other professionals. Providing practitioners, technicians and other remote users access to the information that they need from wherever they are is essential, but deploying and maintaining a network-layer VPN is often impractical.

Are you looking for a way to speed the global development and launch of new products? Increase sales force effectiveness? Strengthen patient and physician loyalty?

Caveo provides the Ssecure Remote Access solutions you need to meet those demands and realize new opportunities in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Use secure remote access to gain a competitive edge

  • Caveo is a recognized expert in designing, deploying and supporting remote access technologies that are of global scale.
  • We can pull everything together to speed deployment-- the host platform installs at the data center in as little as one day. Plus no software or hardware installation is required at the remote location.
  • We understand the technology implications of Food and Drug Administration regulation 21CFR Part 11--electronic submission of data standards--and our solutions are designed to assist you in your efforts to comply with this rule.

Increase revenue, decrease costs

  • For a company with 1,000 representatives, an increase of three calls per week per representative could lead to an annualized increase in revenue of US$15million.
  • For the same sized company, eliminating 3.6 cancelled calls per month per representative could result in an annualized cost savings of
  • Laptops could be replaced with less expensive desktop computers for sales representatives to use at home.
  • Increasing the number of visits a representative can make in a day can increase the number of prescriptions written.