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Welcome to Caveo

At Caveo, we understand the importance of striking a balance between the growing demands of a mobile workforce with the need to maximize security while minimizing cost and complexity. Our AccessAnywhere security appliance offers secure access to enterprise applications and resources as cost effectively and easily as voicemail. From this secure window into the enterprise, your IT organization can leverage our Identity Management practice to gain greater access and privacy control over the remote service and deliver lower cost alternatives to Microsoft licensed software without impacting the Microsoft Outlook user experience, look and feel.

Today, we're delivering our Remote Access Security Platform and Identity Management services to service providers and enterprises throughout North America. Customers in the United States, and Canada benefit from our commitment to technology leadership and our culture of innovation. This spirit also defines Caveo corporate citizenship in the communities it calls home. Our employees are focused on increasing the value and convenience of remote access by integrating application access, security, and management into a single, secure, SSL VPN appliance that enhances mobile worker and partner productivity, reduces integration complexity and maintenance, and offers a host of manageable security features to protect internal assets.

Eliminating access constraints will improve our customers' profitability and competitive advantage, by enabling them to provide people with easy access critical business processes and applications that are secure, robust, adaptable and available anytime from anywhere. With an emphasis on leveraging today's networks while providing cost-effective evolution to the networks of tomorrow, we have three core business areas:

  1. Secure Remote Access
    Until now, the productivity benefits of a mobile workforce have been limited by high PC acquisition and operational support and maintenance costs. Now with Caveo's SSL-VPN solutions, every employee, partner and supplier can access company data remotely while IT gains greater access and privacy control at a cost up to 70% less than traditional VPN technologies.

  2. Identity Management
    Ineffective controls over identity and access management have significantly raised the costs and risks of supporting a mobile workforce and integrating your extended enterprise of partners, suppliers, and customers into your corporate processes. Caveo's Identity Management solutions can solve soaring user-administration problems and pay for it by eliminating your annual help desk password management expense.

  3. Microsoft Alternatives
    For years, IT organizations have had to surmount the cost and complexities of Microsoft infrastructure changes and upgrades, growing numbers of users, changing applications and integration and more. Now you can deliver lower cost alternatives to Microsoft licensed software without impacting the end- user experience.